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French V Honors - «La France et le monde»
French V Honors explores France and Francophone influence in the world, including French influence in North America. A highlight of this course is SURVIVANT, where students use their French knowledge to compete in team and individual challenges. French V is supplemented by authentic French literature and film studies. This course also expands on some earlier themes, including everyday life in the French speaking world.

At the end of French V Honors, students should be able to:

Initiate, sustain, and close a conversation using advanced level grammar and vocabulary
Describe experiences, summarize short stories, films, audio texts and excerpts from longer literary works
Comprehend and analyze orally and in writing works of fiction including novels, plays, and short stories using
    grammar appropriate to an advanced level
Share personal reactions to current events, films, and authentic texts through journals and oral discussion
Use oral presentations to compare and contrast the current events and issues
    from a French and American viewpoint
Engage in spontaneous conversations through role-playing
Demonstrate cultural knowledge in areas such as the history of France and
    current political events in the Francophone world.