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Watch the following video to find out what school supplies French students are buying for their classes.  List at least five items from the video on your answer sheet.

Now it is your turn to do some school shopping.  Imagine you are spending a year in France as an exchange student.  Find TEN different items that you need for school on one of the sites below.  Fill out your answer sheet with the name of each item (in French) and the cost of each item.


Click here for the official French Government's 2017 school supply list


Students are encouraged to communicate in French during all classroom activities.

The next step in the articulation of students’ language study, French II expands learning by making comparisons between students own lives and the lives of French teenagers.  There is an emphasis on fashion, pastimes, and family life.  Students are immersed in French culture through exploration of current events and authentic assessments.

At the end of French II, students should be able to:

Initiate, sustain, and close a conversation using beginner level grammar and vocabulary

Comprehend and share personal reactions to authentic material and internet resources

Describe experiences, summarize, and ask questions, using grammar at a beginner level

Demonstrate cultural knowledge of Paris, French lifestyle and French music

Share personal reactions to short stories, magazines articles, films and internet resources in French

Describe experiences, summarize, ask questions, and narrate stories using grammar at an advanced beginner level

Engage in spontaneous conversations through role-playing

Make comparisons between French and English